Adera Technologies

We love to provide our clients with brands that match their quality work, especially when it helps them find the right kind of customer. Adera is one of those impressive clients.

  • Adera Technologies is one of the leading custom home integration design and installation companies in Calgary. They create impressive systems that control all kinds of systems in their clients' homes such as video and TV, integrated audio systems, climate, lighting and security. In order to align them with the kind of client they seek, we were asked to provide them with a clean, concise brand that featured their systems and the custom homes in which they work. We redesigned their brand, print collateral, and shot a series of short videos that outlined their services in a number of impressive showhomes, contributing to recent improved sales and project scope.
  • Brand alignment is often an issue we are engaged to work on. Adera sought a client that was either building a custom home or possessed the financial profile appropriate for the level of system the company provided. They also required branded sales tools allowing their sales people to show clients the level and quality of their projects. Moreover, the lack of strong branding among their competitors meant that we had the opportunity to give them a number of advantages.
  • We provided Adera with a high end brand that borrowed design keys from other luxury level identities. We shot a series of short videos that featured their services and product capabilities and provided the company with both online promotional assets as well as an important sales tool to show to clients. We have also been working closely with their salespeople to further develop their sales techniques from a client service perspective, and we are pleased to report that they have experienced sales increases exceeding 80% in recent months.

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