Bluebird Cakery

Bluebird Cakery makes some of the most delicious, high quality cakes we've ever tasted.  Our objective was to provide them with branding that is just as tasty as their delicious treats.

  • Bluebird Cakery is a new boutique cake studio based in Vancouver. They make the best cakes we've ever tasted, and are committed to quality ingredients and interesting flavour combinations. Startups like Bluebird often have to settle for design work that merely matches their budget. Our objective was to give them branding that would easily compete with the strongest and most established cake studios and bakeries, all while fitting their budget and making it fun for their customers. After assessing their competition, we designed a custom brand, website, signage, and did all the photography in-house. In the next few months, we will develop an online baking series that features baking tips and techniques! With the right setup for business at the start, Bluebird is finding steady success with an impressive mix of products that's attracting all clients like Urban Fare and the Creme de la Crumb chain of cafes.
  • We always strive to give our startup clients high level design work and consulting that gives them the best chance at success right out of the gate. When our clients are starting new businesses, they're usually very conscious of budget. Bluebird Cakery was no different. Our ability as a firm to adapt to different working situations meant that we could still work with them despite their specific budget.
  • Bluebird's product quality and style was at the forefront of our objectives. We kept this in mind when designing everything from their logo to their website. We also designed a clean, iconic brandmark that they use in a number of situations. All of Bluebird's photography was done in-house by us, which meant we could get exactly the look we needed while helping keep to their budget. For the website, in order to maximize their visuals, our programming team reworked a background plugin that changes the full frame background image depending on which flavour or product the user has chosen. All of this work has helped them attract and maintain a long list of corporate clients, as well as a strong relationship with Urban Fare and Overwaitea Foods.

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