Bodyzone Fitness

Bodyzone began on a philosophy of personalized fitness that kept passion and personal strength at its core. Our goal was to embrace that philosophy in its brand imaging.

  • Bodyzone Fitness is a personal fitness startup that began on the foundations of a balanced, holistic lifestyle, based out of Coquitlam. With so many options for personal fitness in the area, our goal was to provide them with brand imaging that stood out, especially in terms of photography. We found that many of their competitors paid little attention to their imaging, so providing Bodyzone with concise, strong photography and brand design meant that they were easily recognizable.
  • As with any startup, beginning on strength is crucial, so providing our clients with the strongest strategy and imaging is important. Even though the personal fitness sector has many participants, we found that making Bodyzone recognizable would be achievable as long as we created a strong logo and strong photography.
  • We worked with Bodyzone not only to conceptualize their brand and its photography, but also strategies for naming its group fitness course and the assessment process for its clients. We executed by shooting in a natural setting and focusing on athletic, strong subjects. Pulling in a few favours from friends helped them keep within their budget too.

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