Co-op Radio

By understanding what’s at the core of Co-op Radio’s unique identity, we created a brand influenced by their past, speaks to their diversity as a station, and gives them a strong foothold for the future.

  • Co-op Radio has been a unique part of the Vancouver community for nearly 40 years.  Its programming is produced entirely by passionate volunteers that provide content from a wide array of topics and genres, from folk music and jazz to public issues and spirituality.  Over the past fifteen years, not much in the way of improvements to their brand design had been made.  As a result, Co-op’s branding had become outdated and needed a change. Cadet was engaged to redesign their brand, and help improve and manage ongoing community outreach and social media efforts.
  • As a member-supported station, Co-op Radio's continuing challenge has always been to continue to offer alternative content that appeals to broad range of communities. As time went on, however, changes to the landscape of radio as a business has made gaining new members increasingly difficult. Even though Co-op Radio is a non-profit, they still require significant outreach and promotion, as with any organization serving the public. Through some savvy business deals, Co-op acquired the financial resources to make some major changes, including swapping frequencies with another local station in order to gain a stronger, clearer signal and replace an ailing transmitter. Cadet was brought on to refresh Co-op's outdated brand, and begin to build the infrastructure needed to improve outreach and social media programs.
  • We worked intensely with the staff and outreach committee at Co-op to redesign the station's logo, listener's guide, website, and various print collateral such as their show schedule as well as create their first outdoor branding campaign. We also wrote a comprehensive set of marketing recommendations that were submitted to their board, which are being implemented this year. Currently, we are working on improving their social media assets such as Twitter and Facebook, in addition to supporting their outreach efforts. In the last two months, we have been busy implementing infrastructure to support the social media by steadily integrating it into their routines. In the coming months, we hope to implement strategies that will see Co-op return to producing shows featuring local musicians and artists, which we are confident will significantly contribute to both their membership and their fundraising.

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