Knight & Day Restaurants

By understanding what’s at the core of Co-op Radio’s unique identity, we created a brand influenced by their past, speaks to their diversity as a station, and gives them a strong foothold for the future.

  • Knight & Day Restaurants is one of the oldest restaurant chains in BC, and was one of the first projects we were attached to that required a broad range of skills. Given their long history in BC, and their familiarity as a brand, their venture to open new stores in Vancouver meant adapting to a number of different requirements. We were engaged in 2005 to provide brand design, in addition to menu design, outdoor signage, franchise plan creation, and even menu item development and testing. Our responsibilities also included providing franchise support for multiple owners for instore promotions.
  • Knight & Day Restaurants had been serving BC customers since 1967, and in 2005, began a venture to open smaller restaurants in the Vancouver core. It was important to the company that the branding for the new restaurants maintain familiarity for customers already loyal to the brand. As the project moved forward, we would be required to develop a concise turnkey package for franchise owners.
  • We were engaged in 2005 to design a refreshed brand that paid attention to the company's history and brand familiarity. As the project continued, we worked with vendors to design outdoor signage, menus, interior art, and many other requirements. We also worked with first-call food stylist, Joanne Strongman, and Vancouver photographer, Jennifer Houghton, to complete primary photography. Lastly, we were responsible for buying and planning the company's advertising campaigns.

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