Paragon Surfacing

Paragon's custom capabilities gave us many opportunities to define their identity through their showroom design, help them ensure a high end, custom shop perception among their customers, and improve the overall sales experience.

  • Paragon Surfacing has been a leader in custom countertop and surfacing in BC for over three decades. They provide product lines from seven different brands and provide their customers with endless customization options through their experienced computer-driven CNC capabilities. Cadet was engaged to provide concept designs for their two showrooms in Vancouver and Richmond. Our objective was to create a showroom that not only focused on product, but also pointed customers towards Paragon's specialized capabilities in finishing.
  • Paragon came to us with two specific situations: one space that had significant work already put into it, and one space that we could redesign from scratch. Thus, we designed concepts that could be built within a reasonable budget but still brought strong concepts to their showrooms. We quickly recognized that Paragon belonged to a small group of companies that provided custom finishing and CNC work, and an even smaller group of companies that have been in business more than 20 years. Our challenge was to create designs that kept all of this in mind, while providing them with some unique ideas that didn't exist anywhere among their competitors.
  • Our design features a much cleaner colour palette, allowing the product to stand out. We worked with our colour consultant to choose main wall whites that would still work in the mixed daylight and indoor lighting environments of their showrooms. In addition, one of the first things we designed was a bulkhead that would be equipped with both daylight and tungsten rated bulbs that would allow customers to see the subtleties of the products under different lighting conditions. This is especially important with quartz and translucent countertop products that reflect light in different ways. We also designed a branding wall that uniquely displayed the various aspect of countertop finishing, combined with informative text, as well as Paragon's lengthy commercial client list. Lastly, we designed a number of kitchen setups that featured the company's various custom capabilities and current kitchen design trends.

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