Patricia Wright & Associates

Patricia Wright has been serving Vancouver as one of their most reliable and trustworthy notaries for over 30 years. We gave her an identity to match the quality of her work.

  • Patricia Wright & Associates has provided notarial services to clients in Vancouver for over 30 years. In that time, Patricia has garnered a reputation for reliable and knowledgeable service for professional and private clients alike. She engaged us to update her identity to compliment her strong local reputation, and provide an impactful identity and functional online presence.
  • Their existing website had a number of issues affecting their business. Firstly, the site had been designed many years ago and utilized code that had become unsupported, making it generally unusable in many browsers. Secondly, much of the information on the site was outdated and, given that their practice is dependent on current legislation, it is important that their online information is correct. Lastly, Patricia's brand identity was inconsistent and outdated.
  • We began by developing a new identity for Patricia's practice. She requested that we keep the feather pen that had been part of their previous stationery, so we used that as a starting point. Introducing a new identity for such a well established practice can be a sensitive exercise, so it was important for us to work closely with Patricia so that she could see as many steps in the design process as we could provide. After deciding on a strong logo, we developed a high impact website, using iconic Vancouver and natural imaging in dynamic backgrounds throughout her site. We also added a number of online forms for her different services, allowing her clients to get a jumpstart on the process. Patricia Wright & Associates now has a strong, consistent identity that brings together her whole business, and speaks to the pride she takes in her work and client care.

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